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gourmand apron creations: eye-catching looks for entertaining cooks

Gourmand Apron Creations was conceived as a result of one afternoon's exploration into the personal apron collection of an accomplished professional woman, who also happened to be a proud and talented hostess/wife and mother during the years following World War II. I became enthralled by each unique twist and touch, embellishment and hint of whimsy displayed in her beautiful and lovingly cared-for apron collection that spanned more than two decades. These aprons reflected a time when life was simpler, families were closer, time was generous, and simple pleasures were not taken for granted! Fast-forwarding to today's overwhelming culture of job demands, travel schedules, and hurried children, quality time spent with loved ones is more important than ever. We love to cook and entertain when blessed with spare moments, and the addition of wonderful, colorful, simple or extraordinary aprons will only enhance the fun and memories of these experiences!

And that's just aprons! Feast your eyes on some other savvy surprises for your home while you're here! We feature eye catching looks for entertaining cooks, and some things just for the kick of it!!! So have fun, feel welcome, and please share any comments or suggestions on your way out!

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